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Are you a real poker fan or do you want to start playing poker? Then you’ve come to the right place! On our website, we provide all the information you need to know about poker. We want to guide you in your growth and teach you the game!

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Poker Games

We cover different poker variants and explain the rules of the game to you. After all, you play some poker variants a little differently.

Poker hands

When playing poker, you have several poker hands that you can make from the cards. Each poker hand has its own value and combination of cards. So it's useful to know these before playing the game. That's why we'll go over all poker hands with you!

Blog articles

In our blog articles, we provide additional information about poker. This includes topics such as: explanations of the game, terms, news and facts.

What is poker?

Poker is one of the best-known and most played casino games. You can play this game in both a physical casino and an online casino. You’ll see the game in almost every casino. Poker is played with a deck of mostly 52 cards. The aim is to make the best poker hand with the cards you have in your hands and the cards on the table. There are different poker hands that you can make, each with their own values. The player with the highest poker hand wins. Do you want to know what different poker hands there are when playing poker? Then check out our page: Poker Hands. Poker is a table game, which means that you sit at a table with several people. In poker, you play against the other players at the table. You can bet money using chips that are worth money.

In addition to playing poker, many events and tournaments are also organized for professional poker players. These professional poker players sometimes have quite a bit of money in their pockets.

There are different types of poker games that you can play. For example, you have one of the most famous ones: Texas Holdem or Three card poker, for example. So it is a very diverse game with different variants. So you’ll never be bored!